Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving

Shelving Excellence: Crafted with A-Grade Steel and Meticulous Powder Coating

At our manufacturing facility, we take pride in crafting all our products using A-grade steel, a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional quality. Each item undergoes a meticulous powder coating process, not only enhancing its aesthetic appeal but also ensuring a robust and enduring finish that withstands the test of time.

Our dedication to meeting diverse storage requirements is reflected in the extensive range of shelving products we offer. Whether you are seeking solutions for home organization, industrial storage, or commercial spaces, our diverse selection is designed to cater to your specific needs. From sleek and modern designs to sturdy and utilitarian options, our product line embodies versatility and functionality.

Moreover, our A-grade steel not only guarantees durability but also adds a touch of reliability to every product. The powder coating not only enhances the visual appeal by providing a smooth and uniform finish but also acts as a protective layer against corrosion, scratches, and other environmental factors. Additionally, it ensures the durability and longevity of shelving structures, making them resistant to wear and tear.

We offer a wide array of products

We offer a wide array of products, including heavy duty industrial shelving, steel shelves, and industrial storage racks. For customers in Johannesburg, our specialized shelving and racking solutions cater to local market demands, and our competitive gondola shelving prices ensure you get the best value.

Choose our industrial storage racks and experience the highest standards of quality and durability. Contact us today to discover how our shelving solutions can transform your storage needs and provide lasting value.

Shelving Solutions:

  • Bolt on Shelving
  • Bolted Shelving
  • Gandola Shelving
  • System Shelving
  • Warehouse Shelving
  • Heavy Weight Shelving

Product Details

Bolt on Shelving
The Handy Storage Horizon Series 5 Shelf Bolt on Storage Shelving Unit is ideal for storage in the garage or office and holds up to 1250kg evenly distributed across four levels. The boltless design makes assembly adjustment a breeze and improves the unit's versatility - transforming from a regular shelf unit to a work or corner bench, while 9mm MDF shelves ensure this unit stands up to the rigours of the toughest workshops and offices.A grey powder coated heavy dutysteel frame and boltless design round-out an already ideal package.With a grey powder coated steel frame and boltless design, each shelf is fully adjustable and supports up to 250kg.
Bolted Shelving
Our bolt together shelving is available in various sizes, offering numerous combinations to provide storage solutions for all environments.The shelving units are sturdy, and can be fitted with solid backs and sides. This type of shelving is a cost effective solution for the storage of archive boxes, files, or any other industrial or commercial requirement. Angle Shelving Sizes Available: Heights: 1905mm, 2205mm, 2438mm. Shelf Depths: 305mm, 381mm, 457mm, 610mm. All Shelving Units are 900mm wide. Shelving units are available with solid back and side panels, shelf dividers, and tool trays. These shelving units are ideal for your industrial storage requirements, and are strong enough to support a mezzanine floor.
Gandola Shelving
Gondola shelving units have been around for a very long time. The versatility makes gondolas easy to install and change on a frequent basis. The pegboard backing and shelving comes in several heights and depths. It is also available in a variety of colors, but the most common is almond. Gondola shelving can be used to create end caps, wall units or center aisles.
System Shelving
Cubit is a modular shelving system made from MDF. It consists of 25 formats in 8 depths and was made according to the exact standard measurements for book and music formats. Its satin lacquer finish makes Cubits look modern and timeless. Cubit offers you thousands of combination possibilities - as library, desk, dj stand, counter, room divider, sideboard, shopfitting system...there is no limit to your creativity! Our cubit planner will help you plan your individual Cubit shelf. Please define wall area, wall colour, roof slopes and choose size and number of Cubits. With Cubits you have unlimited options - click on to inspiration and gallery. The expandability and flexibility of the Cubit shelf system is suitable for growing libraries of all types! The internationally patented connector and clamp system enables simple assembly, no matter whether the Cubits are placed, stacked or hung. Every Cubit module has a groove on the rear side, which forms the basis of the intelligent shelf system.
Warehouse Shelving
Warehouse Shelves and Kits for organised storage BiGDUG is able to adapt its warehouse shelving range to suit any type of storage solution. Our warehouse shelving range provides sturdy steel warehouse shelves, which include shelving bays and have four adjustable chipboard shelves capable of carrying 300kgs UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) per level.The warehouse shelves at BiGDUG are easy and fast to assemble. The shelving solutions we offer use simple 'tap-together' assembly without the need for nuts or bolts. Adding the bay connectors to each of the warehouse shelves makes it possible to attach each separate warehouse bay unit in order to make a larger customised warehouse shelving unit. At BiGDUG, we offer exceptional value for any warehouse shelving solution.
Boltless Heavy Weight Shelving
General Purpose Steel Shelving is a space-effective and economical storage system for almost any heavy-duty application. Manufactured from exceptionally high-quality steel and flexible in design, this steel shelving is designed for versatility and easy installation and can be easily adjusted or moved. Krost also provides a wide range of additional accessories that can enhance the storage capabilities of almost any general purpose steel shelving. These include: shelf dividers, drawers and kick plates, which means that you are able to customise the shelving exactly the way you want. Boltless heavy-weight shelving has the bonus of being able to support just about any product, being able to bear the weight of heavy items, as well as being able to adjust and conform to the unique requirements of your store or warehouse.

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